Mineral Water Plant From DATONG Machinery

Datong, as a professional mineral water plant manufacturer and supplier, provides high quality commercial mineral water plant construction solutions and a complete set of water plant production equipment, one-on-one professional guidance and the best mineral water plant machine prices. We produce and manufacture automatic mineral water packaging machinery and bottled mineral water equipment with excellent workmanship and quality service that can win your trust.

The fully automatic commercial machinery we offer to mineral water plants has a capacity from 2000 BPH to 36000 BPH. and the packaging of our automatic mineral water production equipment is light in weight, tough, strong and unbreakable.

In addition, for different commercial mineral water plants’ product needs, we can make different sizes and shapes according to PET bottles can be made; for consumers, they can easily and conveniently drink without explosion.

Features of mineral water bottling plant process:

1. The mineral water filling machine adpots advanced human-machine interface control. High quality international name brand key components

2. Suspension bottle neck catcher structure allows the machine change the bottle type easily. By changing the valves, it also can be used as hot filling machine

3. Spring type rinsing catcher can wash both inside and outside of the bottle

4. High accuracy pressure water filling mechanism, ensure the height and quatity of the water filling

5. Magnetic powered cap device ensures tightness and prevents damage of the caps

6. Quiet, rotary cap unscrambler will not damage caps. Photoelectric sensor detect missing caps thus eliminating uncapped bottle spillage

7. Built-in safeguard mechanism ensures the safety of operator and machine.

8. High efficient air clean filter system ensures high sanitary requirements

9. Low overall machine noise

10. Self-lubricating system imported from America provides continuous smooth operation

Model CGF12125 CGF18186 CGF24248 CGF323210 CGF404012 CGF505012 CGF606015 CGF808020
Number of washing, filling and capping heads 12-12-5 18-18-6 24-24-8 32-32-10 40-40-12 50-50-12 60-60-15 80-80-20
Production capacity(600ml)
2000-4000 5000-7000 8000-12000 12000-15000 16000-20000 20000-24000 25000-30000 35000-40000
suitable bottle specification(mm) φ=50-110 H=170 volume=330-2250ml
Washing pressure(kg/cm 2 ) 2-3
Motor power(kw) Main motor
Main motor
Main motor
Main motor
Main motor
Main motor
Main motor
Main motor
Overall dimensions (mm) 2400×1650
Weight (kg) 2500 3500 4500 6500 8500 9800 12800 150
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