Meat Grinder Machine


Frozen meat mincer/ meat grinder is one of the indispensable auxiliary equipment in meat processing with high versatility and wide application in the meat production industry. The equipment pushes the raw meat in the feed box forward to the pre-cutting section under the thrusting of the screw rod and makes the orifice plate and the reamer run relative to each other through the rotary extrusion, so as to cut the raw meat into particle shape and ensure the evenness of the meat filling. Different combinations of orifice plates can be used to achieve the production requirements on meat filling granules of different sizes.

The meat grinder is widely used in restaurants, dining halls of enterprises, and meat roasting and cured bacon factories for making minced meat. According to its structural characteristics, the meat grinders can be categorized into a single-stage meat grinder, multi-stage meat grinder, automatic bone removal, and de-fascia, the use of the single-stage grinder, mixing and shredding combined meat picking machine. In the food processing industry, single-stage meat grinders are applied more often. Through the replacement of different orifice plates of different sizes, the purpose of adjustable thickness can be achieved, meanwhile avoid the impact of rising in temperature of raw material thus affecting the meat quality. The meat grinder can be used for processing all kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken with bone, duck with bone, mutton, chicken and beef with skin, fish, and so on.

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