KDY-SL Lifting Device

 For Fluid bed dryer/granulator discharge use.
 For drums lifting and feeding.
 For feeding into tablet pressing machine, capsule filling machine, coating machine…etc.
 Let powder, granule, and tablet feeding automatically.
 Operation by wire, easy to use and clean.
 Closed operation, reduce dust.
 Can be connected with cone mill, save manpower.
lift: lifting drums by hydraulic cylinder, can be positioned automatically.
Flip: Can be rotated by reducer, and can be 180° positioned automatically
 Machine platform rotation:  Can be 90° rotated manually.


Model Angle Rotating Lifting capactity

( kg )

Lifting height

 ( cm )

KDY-SL-60 180 90 60 120 – 200
KDY-SL-100 180 90 100 120 – 200
KDY-SL-150 180 90 150 130 – 200
KDY-SL-200 180 90 200 140 – 200
KDY-SL-300 180 90 300 150 – 200
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