KDF-6L Capsule Filling Machine (For Liquid)


KDF-6L Capsule Liquid Filling Machine equips the servo control system.
This machine can fill liquid(oil base) for hard capsules, and adjust filling volume by
the servo control system. This machine could equip the filling units for granules,
micro capsules or micro tablets as options for the best value to verity functions in one
machine for Pharmaceuticals, Health supplements, Nutrition, Chemistry,
Oil industries.


The housing and surface are covered with stainless steel, whole machine meets FDA & PIC/S cG.M.P. requirements.
Parts are made by CNC machine. All parts are standardized and easy to exchange.
PLC+HMI system is included the functions: authorize management, servo control filling system and adjust filling volume.
Absorbing devices of impaction: These devices can emergency stop machine immediately and absorb the impaction in the meantime to protect the main/important structures when abnormal impaction happens.
Smart Sensing System to pause automatically in the event of problems when no capsules, no liquid, door is opened, and abnormal load for the machine are detected.
 Two station capsule-opening design to ensure all capsules are opened.
Capsule missed detection system: 6 sensors for inspecting whether any missing capsules in molds. No capsules no liquid filling, then reject and discharged.
Special design of liquid hopper: Easy to remove for discharging or cleaning, and the leftover liquid can be recycled without waste.
Filling volume adjustment will be controlled by servo motors and HMI to meet the micro adjustment for accuracy filling volume.
The filling cylinders and pistons made by ceramics: Reduce friction and expend device’s working life, and avoid the causing particulate to pollute the products.
Two outlets for good products and defective products. The capsule which isn’t been
filled will be rejected to defective outlet.
Available addition filling units(options) for granules, micro capsules or micro tablets.
Easy to change and cleaning the molds(tooling) without alignment. Changing molds
within 30 minutes by a person without experience.
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