Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer


Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer have food-grade SUS304 stainless steel . is a new type of heating method,with advantage of heating evenly,heating inside and outside the material simultaneously,Energy-saving more than 50%. The material to be dried is uniformly distributed on the conveyor belt through the feedingt device.The whole material is heated by the microwave drying device to inscrease the temperature of the material,and the interial,and the internal moisture of the material is diffused outward.

List of raw materials for industrial tunnel continuous microwave dryer
Industry applications Products and raw material
Agricultural and sideline products Mealworms,black soldier fly;Cat litter,tobacco leaf,Artificial rice,edible fungi,breadcrumbs,Cheese slices
Flowers and leaves Honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle leaf, tea, wheat seedling, highland barley seedling, Kuding, dandelion, hibiscus flower, rose, saffron
Chemical industry Powder puff, sand core, corn starch, paper tube, paper holder, calcium chloride dihydrate, silicon carbide ceramic membrane, industrial sodium chloride, catalyst, carbon fiber, glass fiber, monocrystalline silicon, industrial salt, resin, molecular sieve, active carbon, bentonite
Building materials industry Perlite board, foam insulation board, wood, plywood, adhesive board, glass fiber cloth.
Textile industry Yarn, cotton, wool
Pharmaceutical industry Pills, capsules, tablets, gloves, masks
Condiments Chili powder, pepper, pepper, cinnabar, root, spices,etc

Equipment model of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer 

Model Size L*W*H(Can be customized according to the customer’s requirements) Output power
LY-10KW 5000mm*825mm*1750mm ≥10KW
LY-20KW 8000mm*825mm*1750mm ≥20KW
LY -30KW 8500mm*1160mm*1750mm ≥30KW
LY -40KW 10000mm*1160mm*1750mm ≥40KW
LY -50KW 12500mm*1160mm*1750mm ≥50KW
LY -60KW 13500mm*1450mm*1750mm ≥60KW
LY -70KW 13500mm*1500mm*1750mm ≥70KW
LY -80KW 13500mm*1650mm*1750mm ≥80KW
LY -100KW 16800mm*1650mm*1750mm ≥100KW
LY -150KW 22400mm*1850mm*1750mm ≥150KW
LY -250KW 27000mm*1850mm*1750mm ≥250KW
LY -300KW 32000mm*1850mm*1750mm ≥300KW

The advantages of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer 

1.Continue dry model,convenient with high capacity.
2.Microwave penetrates through the material and affect it from inside and outside at the same time, resulting in rapid drying speed, short drying time, uniform heating and good product quality.
3.Thermal effect and non-thermal effect works together for sterilization, which is quick and of low temperature. The flavor and nutritional components of material are retained to the maximum.
4.Microwave works directly on the food, there is almost no other heat loss, it is of high thermal effciency and saves 1/3 energy comparing with far-infrared heating.
5.Small land occupation, saving labor. No heat radiation, the working conditions are greatly improved.
6.Immediate heating and stop by adjusting the microwave power, no thermal inertia, easy to control, convenient for automatic and continuous production.

Main Technical Parameters

Power supply 380V 50HZ three-phase five-wire(Can be customized)
Microwave output frequency 2450±50MHz
Microwave input apparent power ≤70KVA
Microwave output power ≥50KW
Microwave power adjustment range 0-300KW(adjustable)
Temperature 0~200C(adjustable)
Equipment type Transmission Teflon conveyor belt
Transmisison speed 0~10m/min(adjustable)
Microwave leakage limit (mW/cm2):<1
Magnetron Toshiba/Samsung
Material Food grade stainless steel
Dimension(L*W*H) Customized
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