Industrial Pellet Chips Dryer Machine


Industrial pellet chips dryer machine is a key stage in many continuous dryer industries and in particular in pellet snacks food processing. Industrial food dryer has been specially designed to dry extruded pellet and expanded snacks products on a continuous basis.

The continuous belt dryer unit is a important manufacture process, here that the final quality features of the pellets are achieved. The continuous drying system is composed of a thermos-insulated chamber in which the product is conveyed by a belt onto different layers. The pre-drying characterized by lower temperature and long residence time in order to stabilize the pellets.

Main components of the continuous drying system
vibrating doser that uniformly distributes the product set of belts with variable speed automatic conditioning system set of ventilating fans thermo-insulated structure
Industrial Pellet Chips Dryer Machine Model
Model BDM-5-3

5m.3 layer dryer


5m.5 layer dryer


8m.5 layer dryer


8m.7 layer dryer

Total power 48kw/3kw 60kw/5kw 75kw/8kw 110kw/11kw
Power consumption 30kw/3kw 45kw/5kw 60kw/8kw  85kw/11kw
Gas/oil consumption 6m3/h 8m3/h 12m3/h 15m3/h
Outside dimension 5800×1200×2300mm 5800×1200×2500mm 8530×1320×2570mm 8530×1320×2970mm
Max drying efficiency 300kg/h 500kg/h 800kg/h 1200kg/h
Heating temperature 0-200℃


0-200℃ 0-200℃ 0-200℃
Industrial Pellet Chips Dryer Machine  Parameters
1 Application 2Dpellet, 3D pellet, shirmp chips, potato chips
2 Production inlet capacity 80-1200kg/h input of raw material
3 Drying time 2-3hours (different temperature in different drying section which can be adjustable)
4 Power Supply  380V 3Ph. 50Hz;
5 Steam consumption 0.5-2.5T/hr
6 Drying temperature 0-200°c.
7 Water remained after drying 8%-11%(controllable)


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