HJJ series Double Ribbon Mixer

  • Type: HJJ series Double Ribbon Mixer
  • Mixing time: 6-8 minutes
  • Mixed yield (kg/ batch): 250-1000
  • Uses: Feed, chemical industry, medicine and other industries in the powder, granular, flake, block the mixture of materials.


  • The gentle mixing process, no segregation, good uniformity.
  • The stable performance, convenient maintenance.
  • The mixing uniformity variation coefficient CV not more than 7%, the mixing time of 6-8 minutes.
  • The Discharge speed fast, less residue.
  • It is widely used for mixing materials, chemical, food, feed mill flour industry.

Technical Parameter:

Model Matching power (kw) Production (kg/ batch) Exterior dimension (mm)
HJJ250 3 250 2550*800*1230
HJJ500 7.5 500 3300*1000*1500
HJJ1000 15 1000 4125*1315*1630
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