Heat Pump Food Drying Machine

Applicable Vegetable/Fruit/Meat/Seafood/Agricultural /Noodle/Wooden    Drying  Output 100-3000kg/h Temperature ≤80℃ Drying time Depends on different drying materials Heat pump model  1P/2P/3P/6P/8P/10P/15P/20P/30P/40P/60P Core advantages Energy saving and environmental protection/
Simple installation and operation/Wide application field


The industrial food dryer can quickly remove moisture from materials without affecting the original color, shape and nutrients of the food. The industrial hot air circulation drying furnace is equipped with a computer control system, which can realize automatic constant temperature control.
Different from the small hot air dryer, the large hot air dryer has more carts and trays to hold materials, which is suitable for large-scale material drying production. The drying temperature range of this heat pump dryer is 20-80℃, and the materials suitable for drying are very wide, such as grains, edible fungi, medicines, seafood, bacon, fruits and vegetables, tobacco leaves, seeds, spices, etc

type machine size(MM) Capacity (KG) heat pump power Qty of fan fan power(kw) total power(kw) Qty of cart Qty of tray cart size(MM) tray size(MM)
3P A 3500×2200×2200 200-400kg 2.25 6 0.25/unit 3.75 6 78 670×810 600×800
8P A 5300×2200×2800 450-750kg 6 12 0.37/unit 10.44 6 156 1210×870 600×800
8P B 5300×2200×2800 450-750kg 6 12 0.37/unit 10.44 6 156 1210×870 600×800
8P C 5300×2200×2800 450-750kg 6 12 0.37/unit 10.44 6 156 1210×870 600×800
15P 7500×3000×2800 900-1500kg 11.25 12 0.55/unit 17.85 12 312 1210×870 600×800
1P D 1180×680×1800 50kg-80kg 1 1 15 600×800
3P D 2100×930×2100 120-300kg 3.5 3.5 40/60 600×800
8P D 4000×1960×2050 650-1000kg 8 8 8 232 600×800 600×800
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