Hamburger Patty Production Line


The patty making machine is also known as the burger making machine and hamburger maker, and it is a machine used to make hamburger patties. In today’s society, fast food is just so popular with all ages of people. That hamburger patties, chicken, fish burger patties, potato cakes, pumpkin pie, kebabs, and other food have become people’s favorite choices.

Hamburger patties making machine has enough production capacity for commercial production. For food processing, labor costs are a major part of the output, so many people choose burger making machine production. A hamburger patty machine can produce about 2000 hamburgers in an hour, and an average of about 33pcs in one minute. For Artificial production, it can be up to 500pcs in an hour. So using our hamburger patty making machine not only saves labor costs. But also produces four times than labor, which will create more profit.

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