Gelatinized Starch Production Line


Gelatinized Starch Production Line uses corn starch, cassava starch, and potato starch as the mainly raw materials. During the extrusion,drying and grinding to produce the Gelatinatized starch, By processing of the twin-screw extruder, original physical and chemical properties of the starch are changed, there by producing more excellent properties. Gelatinatized starch produced by extrusion is widely used in food processing, feed, cosmetics, casting, building materials, textiles, paper and many other industries and markets broad prospects.

Technical Parameters For pre Gelatinised Starch machines
Model Installed power Real power Output Dimension
GSP65 22kw 22kw 100~150kg/h 3250*800*1400mm
GSP70 39.35kw 22kw 180~200kg/h 3250*800*1800mm
GSP75-2 57.2kw 37kw 250~300kg/h 3700*800*2700mm
GSP95-2 84.7kw 55kw 400~500kg/h 5000*800*1400mm
GSP120-3 176.4kw 132kw 800~1000kg/h 5200*1400*2000mm
GSP140-3 204.4kw 160kw 1000~1500kg/h 5800*1400*2000mm
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