Fully automatic corn chips production line


Corn chips production line adopts advanced extruding technique, which can extrude this kinds of corn chips with different textures and tastes out of double screw extruder at the same time. This type snacks named corn chips, which was very popular at the present market. Corn chips line uses advanced extruding technology, through changing moulds and production technology to produce many kinds of popular snack food in the market, such as rolls, crispy stick, fragrant chicken, etc.

Functions Of Corn Chips Production Line
No. Name Functions Of Corn Chips Plant
1 Flour Mixer Mix cornflour with water to prepare flour for Doritos.
2 Double screw extruder machine Compression and friction generate a lot of heat, and the rotating mold twists and rolls the flour before extrusion to form an irregular shape.
3 Shaping machine According to the mold, different shapes of Doritos are formed.
4 Cooling machine Used to cool and remove moisture
5 Fryer/baking machine Reheat and continue to fry or bake evenly to obtain a crispy texture and taste.
6 Seasoning line Add the required seasonings to make it have different flavors.
Technical Parameters Of Corn Chips Line
Model Output Size (L*W*H) Main Power
LY65 120-150kg/h 22000x1200x2200mm 22KW
LY70 200-250kg/h 23000x1500x2200mm 35KW
LY75 400-500kg/h 25000*1700*2300mm 47KW
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