French Fries Instant Freezer


The french fries instant freezer is a trolley-type blast freezer machine. It is designed for refrigerating potato chips, French fries, and snack food to keep the original taste and prevent bacteria growth.

  • This machine is to freeze the french fries in -30~-35℃.
  • Feeding temperature:+20℃, output temperature:-18℃.
  • Freezing time: 30-50min/batch.
  • The machine is with trolleys, easy to load and discharge.
blast freezer for french fries
flash freeze machine for sale
  • The strong and durable handle is made of stainless steel. In accordance with the design of the human being.
  • Super thick-tailed door seal, to ensure no loss of air conditioning.
  • Equipped with multi stainless steel trays, to meet the storage needs.
  • Intelligent temperature adjustment such as custom setting temperature. No need for continuous electricity consumption.
  • Multi fans provide forced air cooling, effectively speeding up the cooling speed.
compressor of flash freezer


control box of instant freezer

Control box

stainless steel trays of instant freezing machine


trolley of blast freezer


  • Our quick freezer can make fast freezing, ice crystals are lesser, low consumption.
  • Use environmental protection low-temperature refrigerants, temperature can drop to minus 35C.
  • No need to make an installation that can use immediately after connecting the power.
  • Trolley type quick freezer is widely used in frozen french fries, frozen seafood, frozen meat, frozen aquatic products.
  • In addition, the quick-freezing test equipment plays an important role in the aerospace industry, plastics/chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and related fields for research and development of cold resistance, dry resistance, and R&D.
applications of instant freezing machine
Model TKBD-100 TKBD-200 TKBD-300 TKBD-400 TKBD-500
Capacity 160kg/batch 320 kg/batch 480 kg/batch 640 kg/batch 800 kg/batch
Feeding temperature +20℃ It is better to pre-cool if beyond this temperature, otherwise freezing speed and quality are not guaranteed.
Outlet temperature -18℃
Freezing time Different as products
Total power 3kw 5kw 8kw 10kw 12kw
Cold consumption (under TL=35℃ T0=-35℃) 7.5kw 12.5kw 20kw 25kw 30kw
Overall Dimension(mm) 2000×1900×2100 2500×1900×2100 3000×1900×2100 3500×1900×2100 5000×1900×2100
Quantity of trolleys 3 pcs 5 pcs 8 pcs 10 pcs 12 pcs
Quantity of trays(stainless steel mesh trays) 40 pcs 80 pcs 120 pcs 160 pcs 200 pcs
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