Fish Slicing Machine


The fish fillet machine(fish slicing machine) imitates the principle of manual slicing and cuts the whole fish into a uniform thickness. It can cut whole fish into slices at once. Its slice angle can be 25°, 30°, 40, etc. The thickness of the sliced fish fillet can be 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm… And the slicing angle and thickness of this equipment can be customized. The fish slicing machine can realize automatic oblique cutting of fish fillets and is suitable for fish slices of various species.

Commercial fish slicer machine introduction
The fish slicer realizes the real oblique cutting of fish fillets, and the whole machine is made of stainless steel, with high work efficiency, convenient maintenance, and easy maintenance. The cut and formed fish plates are small and uniform, and the thickness is adjustable. It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, and aquatic products. The ideal machine and equipment for fish processing in the catering industry. The slice thickness is 3 mm, and the length of fish that can be processed is 600 mm. The angle of the oblique cutter of the fish slicer is adjustable, which is fast, efficient, and stable.

Features of salmon fish slicing machine
Efficient and fast: Automatic diagonal cutting of fish fillets is convenient, fast, safe, and efficient, which solves the problems of time-consuming, laborious and inefficient, insecure, and insecure traditional manual operation of cutting fish fillets.
Beautiful appearance: The machine is made of stainless steel material that meets the food-grade standard. It is safe to eat, beautiful in appearance, wear-resistant and durable, and easy to clean.
Simple operation: The machine is easy to operate, safe, and efficient. Regardless of fish species and size, it can be sliced directly on the machine.
Stable performance: The cut fish fillets are evenly thin and thick, maintaining the delicious taste of the fresh fish without affecting the cooking and the quality of the fish.
Private order: According to customer needs, the machine size and the thickness of the fish fillet can be made.

Precautions for fish slicer machine

1. The fish slicer should be placed in a stable place;

2. Confirm that there is no foreign matter stuck in the feed inlet of the machine, and connect the power supply and the ground wire according to the power supply instructions on the label;

3. When the machine is operating, please do not reach into the machine, if you accidentally jam the clothes, please press the emergency stop button;

4. After the machine is used, be sure to cut off the power to clean the machine; the circuit part cannot be cleaned, please pay attention to sharp parts such as knives when disassembling and washing.

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