Fish Feed Processing Line


Fish feed processing line is a set of mechanical equipment designed for producing high-quality fish feed. The line usually consists of several stages, including raw material preparation, mixing, extrusion, drying and cooling. The raw materials used in fish feed processing include fish meal, soybean meal, wheat flour, corn flour and other ingredients. The mixing stage ensures that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed to form a homogeneous mixture, while the extrusion stage molds the mixture into the desired size and shape. The drying and cooling stages help reduce the moisture content of the final product and extend its shelf life. A complete fish feed processing production line can be used to produce various types of fish feed pellets, such as buoyant, sinking, slow-sinking pellets.

The Parameter Of Fish Feed Process Line

Model Installed Powder


Powder Consumption






LY65 70kw 45kw 120-150kg/h 20000*1200*2200mm
LY70 105kw 85kw 200-250kg/h 22000*1500*2200mm
LY85 160kw 130kw 300-500kg/h 25000*2500*2300mm
LY95 220kw 154kw 800-1000kg/h 28000*2500*3500mm
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