Expeller Machine150 (30X5)

Weight: The machine weighs approximately 2500 kg. This is a considerable weight, indicating a robust and sturdy machine that’s likely designed for heavy-duty or commercial use.

Power: Powered by a 20 HP motor. This indicates that the machine has a significant amount of power for pressing and can handle tougher seeds and nuts with ease.

Material: Made of cast iron. This means the machine is likely to be robust, resistant to wear and tear, and can withstand the pressures of oil extraction without deforming.

Durability: Given the cast iron construction, it’s expected that the machine would be resistant to corrosion and can handle long hours of operation.

Capacity: 250 Kg/Hour, the machine’s capacity would be crucial. Given the power and weight, it’s likely designed for medium to large batches of differnt seeds such as sunflower, mustard, castor, sesame, coconut, and many more.

Safety Features: Often incorporate safety features such as auto shut-off, overload protection, and emergency stops.

Maintenance: Ease of access to components for cleaning and maintenance. Cast iron machines powder painted so their is no requirement for regular oiling to prevent rusting.

Operational Noise: Machines with higher power ratings might produce more noise, but good design can help in noise reduction.


Size Body Type Power In HP Gear Box Thrust Bearing Chamber Weight
30X5 Cast Iron 20 Double M.S Gear SKF Single 2500 Kg
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