The EFS electronic bottle filling machines made by AVE – Technologies are based on a high-precision technology that guarantees great accuracy and excellent performance in all the working stages.

The EFS systems are suitable for bottling non-carbonated products such as water, fruit juices and nectars, milk, spirits, oils and sauces, in plastic or glass bottles. The working stages are managed automatically by means of an articulated software and electronic dosing units that guarantee an excellent performance and great flexibility by comparison with the traditional systems. In addition to the stand-alone filler, all the plastic and glass bottle filling machines can be supplied in a monoblock version (filler + capping machine) and in an all-in-one version (rinsing machine + filler + capping machine).

The systems can be fully customized in their layout, output and components to adapt perfectly to every customer’s practical needs. The plastic and glass bottle filling machine can be fitted with a “neck gripper” system in the case of bottles made of PET/PE/HDPE plastic being used.

– No contact between nozzles and container.
– No contamination between the air in the container and the product in the vessel.
– Extremely precise filling and product dosing.
– Very quick and easy to dismantle, clean and wash.

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