Double Column Check Weigher for Material Weight Testing


Double Column Check Weigher

1. The two delivery lines are independently rated and non-interference.

2. Grand New modular control system, the highest precision of 0.2g.Fault alarm by a text displaying.

3. The conveyor structure adopts an easy disassembly design, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.

4. Provide comprehensive production quality statistics, including a weight distribution column chart, total weight produced, number of qualified packages, qualification rate, number of non-conforming packages, actual weight, and the production time of unqualified products.

Model JW-C200(C6 Double)
Identify Code C200-2-4
Weighing Range 5-200g
Accuracy*1 XIII(1)
Max. Speed*2 140PCS
Max Belt Speed 20m/min
Belt Size(mm) 320(L)X100(W)
Control Panel 10.1” Touch Screen
Reject Method Air Blowing
Power Requirement 220V/800W/50/600Hz/4A
Packing Dimension(mm) 1640(L)X590(W)X830(H)
Gross Weight 162kg
*1:Can refer to the national standard GB/T27738-2011 or the international Legal Organization No.61 International Recommendation OIML R61 2004 (E).
*2: Depends on product shape, product density, target weight, etc. When the speed is higher than 140p/min, it needs to change with a special modular board.
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