Cottonseed Oil Production Line

The cotton seeds pre-treatment process includes screening,cleaning, shelling, crushing, flaking, steaming and cooking, and other process.

The pretreatment equipment adjusts the temperature, moisture and internal tissue structure of the cottonseed to make the cottonseed reach a good state before pressing, which is convenient for extracting more oil during the pressing process.

Cottonseed oil extraction process adopts the method of physical pressing, and the pressing efficiency of the oil press and the stability of the equipment are the keys to the oil pressing process. Our oil press machine has the characteristics of large output, low cake residue and good quality cake. The cottonseed crude oil and cottonseed cake can be obtained after pre-pressing process.

The pre-pressed cottonseed cake is sent to the leaching workshop, where the cottonseed oil in the pre-pressed cake is extracted by spraying and soaking with hexane solvent. The cottonseed oil leaching workshop consists of solvent leaching system, wet meal desolvation system, mixed oil evaporated stripping system and solvent recovery system.

Since there is more residual oil in one-time pressing, the method of pre-pressing and solvent leaching can obtain more cottonseed oil and bring high economic benefits. Dingsheng Machine design negative pressure evaporation technology, innovative technologies are dedicated to saving energy and reusing materials, ensuring excellent quality of cottonseed oil, helping to improve energy efficiency and heat recovery, and reducing steam consumption.

Cottonseed contains a kind of glyhol that is harmful to the human body. Whether it is squeezing or leaching cottonseed oil, it must be must be refined. Dingsheng Machine provides three types of cottonseed oil refining equipment: batch refining equipment, semi-continuous refining equipment of cottonseed oil, and full continuous refining equipment.

Cottonseed oil refining equipment can remove various impurities such as collagen -soluble impurities, free fatty acids, pigments, and odors in puff seed oil, and improve the stability of cottonseed oil.

The cottonseed oil refinery workshop has the water degumming process, deacidification process, deodorization process, bleaching and filtration process and fractionation process, after these processes are refined, the oil can be removed from harmful substances and most impurities.

Cottonseed oil degumming is generally used in water dehydration process. Adding a certain amount of phosphoric acid solution to condense the colloid impurities, and then sink the colloid impurities and separate the oil.

Cottonseed oil deacidification process has two kinds: chemical and physical. The chemical deacidification process is to add alkali liquor to react with FFA to generate nigre and the physical deacidification process is using high temperature steam to distill the FFA out.

After deacidification, the crude cottonseed oil need to be decoloried by bleaching process. It is usually to use white clay to absorb the pigments, at same time absorbing residual gums and soapstocks. And then through filtering by plate filter, the waste clay will be filtered out. Cottonseed oil decolorization process is mainly to make the oil color more lighter, and qualified the national standard.

Cottonseed oil deodorization process often uses distillation principle, injecting high temperature steam to distill the odors out. The deodorization process can not only remove the odors from crude cottonseed oil, but also improve smoke point, flavor, steadily and quality of final oil.

At last, cottonseed oil refining has a special process — cottonseed oil fractionation process. It is to seperate the solids and liquids in cottonseed at a specific temperature. Similar with palm oil fractionation process, through cooling, crystallization and filtration, you can get two parts: cottonseed oil olein and cottonseed oil stearine.

Dingsheng Machine provides complete plant solutions for converting cottonseed to cottonseed oil and cottonseed protein. Our comprehensive range of products helps you to increase yield while meeting increasingly stringent environmental and health requirements. When you have a project plan for the cottonseed oil processing plant, please contact us soon.

Technology Process
Cottonseed Seeds → Screening → Cleaning Impurities → Shelling → Crushing → Steaming And Frying → Pressing Crude Oil → Cottonseed Oil And Cake

Cottonseed Oil And Cake → Extractor → Solvent Recovery → Steam And Remove Wet Meal → Mixed Oil Treatment → Crude Oil And Meal

Cottonseed Crude Oil → Alkali Refining → Degumming → Centrifugal Drying → Continuous Decolorization → Dewaxing → Continuous Deodorization → Filtration → Finished Cottonseed Oil

Technology Feature

The project uses cotton meal (46% of protein content) as raw material, and separates the cottonseed hulls and lint from the cottonseed meal through the pretreatment workshop to produce cottonseed meal by-products with high protein content;
The pressing efficiency and the stability of the oil press equipment are the key to the oil pressing process. Our oil press machine with large output, low cake residue and good cake quality.
The protein content of cotton meal reaches 57%. The cottonseed meal (57% of protein content) enters the solvent extraction workshop, and the gossypol and raffinose components in the cottonseed meal are extracted by a low-concentration methanol solution in the extractor to produce cottonseed protein concentrate products and crude raffinose products.
The advanced physical refining process reduces the loss of refining oil and improves the oil quality. The by-products – fatty acids can be directly obtained, helping factories realize the economic benefits of sustainable development. There is no waste water pollution during the process, while meeting the environmental and health requirements.
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