Corn Germ Oil Winterizing Equipment


Corn germ oil contains a small amount of wax, which will be precipitated as cotton wool at 25°C, which can easily affect its perception. Moreover, the corn oil that has not undergone dewaxing will feel a peculiar smell when eating, a taste of raw corn, which is also a factor that causes the low quality of corn germ oil. The oil content of corn germ oil is not high. With the previous dewaxing method, the crystal formation is small and it is difficult to grow up. Not only does it consume more energy, but the dewaxing efficiency is not high. At the same time, there is more neutral oil in the filtered wax paste, the oil loss is too large, and there is turbidity after long-term storage, which is not conducive to small product packaging.

After fully researching and reasonably absorbing domestic and foreign cash technologies, and carefully designing the entire process flow and all supporting equipment, we have developed a complete set of rapid cooling crystallization and crystal growth dewaxing process and equipment:

Decolorized oil or dewaxed filtered turbid oil is heat exchanged with dewaxing cold oil after melting wax, and then quickly cooled in a rapid crystallizer with a cold carrier to make the wax in the oil agglomerate and crystallize, and then add a certain amount of filter aid the oil can be filtered after a period of crystallization and maturation. The filter adopts a horizontal leaf filter, hydraulic control, automatic operation, and good filtering effect. The filtered turbid oil is sent to the wax melter, and the clear oil is filtered and the dewaxing is cold. After the oil is exchanged with the hot oil with dewaxing to recover the cold energy, the oil temperature is adjusted to a certain temperature, and finally enters the safety filter to remove the missing filter aid and other solid impurities, and then enter the next process-deodorization.

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