Corn Flakes Making Machine


Corn flakes making machine is from twin-screw extrusion lines produce cereal flakes, both plain or coated. The twin-screw extrusion technology is at the core of this very flexible and scalable process. Corn flake machine is includes mixing, food extruder machine ,corn flake machine, drying, Hot air dryer, flavoring and so on . Corn flake machine or breakfast cereal machine technology is ideal to meet the market demands and corn flake breakfast cereal manufacturing : Corn flakes/Breakfast cereal is a kind of crispy food, with the characteristics of hard to be steeped broken and strong grain taste. It can be used as a snack, and many raw materials are eligible with coating recipes such as sweet syrups, honey, chocolate and other compositions.Then the corn flakes and cereals snacks can serve with milk and coffee.

corn flakes manufacturing process flow chart
1 Flour Mixer Mixing materials
2 Screw Conveyor Transfer Corn flakes raw materials from Mixer to Twin screw Extruder
3 Twin screw extruder Extruding corn pellets
4 Vibrate Cooler Cooling the corn flakes pellet
5 Air conveyor Transfer Corn flakes pellet to flakes making machine
6 flakes making machine Flaking corn flakes pellets into corn flakes
7 Air Conveyor Transfer corn flakes to dryer
8 Commercial food dryer Drying process in food industry to remove moisture
9 Hoister Transfer Corn flakes to Vibrate Feeder
10 Vibrate Feeder Transfer Corn flakes to how air dryer evenly
11 Hot air dryer High temperature roaster oven make the corn flakes much more crispy
12 Air Conveyor Transfer Con flakes to Sugar Sprayer
13 Sugar Sprayer Spraying sugar on corn flakes surface
10 Commercial food dryer Drying again to remove sugar moisture
11 Cooling machine Cooling corn flakes with cooling fan
12 corn flakes packaging Packing corn flakes in bags
Different model for sale of corn flakes making machine
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size (L*W*H)
LY65 222kw 155kw 100-150g/h 39000x1200x2200mm
LY70L 326kw 228kw 200-250kg/h 41000x1500x2200mm
LY85 433kw 303kw 300-500kg/h 43000x3500x4300mm
LY75 583kw 437kw 300-500kg/h 52000*2000*2800
LY95 740kw 555kw 800-1000kg/h 56200*3000*2800
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