Commercial Cocoa Powder Production Line


For different customers, the production steps of cocoa powder are also different. The reason is that different customers use different raw materials. Therefore, in order to meet the production requirements of all customers, I will introduce you to the two cocoa powder processing lines. One is a small production line for small cocoa processing plants, another is a fully automatic processing plant for big factories.

Small scale cocoa powder processing plant
The small cocoa powder production line includes baking, peeling, refining, degreasing, crushing, and other processes. These small cocoa powder making machines are mainly suitable for factories that process cocoa beans at the back end. Their raw materials for cocoa beans are mainly obtained by purchasing cocoa beans on the market. Such cocoa beans have undergone fermentation and drying steps.

Fully automatic cocoa production line
The large-scale cocoa bean production plant mainly consists of two parts. The first part is cleaning impurities, mainly for the preliminary screening of cocoa beans. The cleaning process mainly includes: feeding-removing stone-baking-cooling-grading-storage. The cocoa beans processed in this process will flow to the food processing plant to be processed into cocoa powder.

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