Cold Pressed Pet Food Machine


What Is Cold Pressed Pet Food?

Cold pressed pet food is a type of pet food that is manufactured using a unique production method. Unlike traditional pet food, which is made using high temperatures, the cold-pressed process involves using low heat and pressure to produce the food.The ingredients of the food are mixed together and then processed in a cold press machine using specialized molds to create the desired shape. The low heat and pressure applied during the pressing process help to retain more of the nutritional value of the food and prevent nutrient loss that can occur when food is exposed to high temperatures.Cold pressed pet food also contains a higher level of natural enzymes, which help to aid digestion. The food has a softer texture that can be easier for pets to chew and helps to reduce the risk of dental problems.

Overall, cold pressed pet food is a high-quality option that is becoming increasingly popular with pet owners who are looking for a healthier and more natural diet for their furry friends.

Parameter Of Cold Pressed Dog Food Machine

Model LY400 LY800 LY1000
Installed Power (kw) 3 5.5 7.5
Power Consumption (kw) 2.1 3.85 4.5
Capacity (kg/h) 100 300 400-500
Dimension (m) 2.4*0.8*1.36 2.5*1.22*1.38 2.5*1.9*1.4

Working Flow Of Large Capacity Cold Press Dog Food Making Machine:

  1.  Raw ingredients are gathered and measured according to the recipe.
  2.  The ingredients are mixed together in a large hopper.
  3.  The mixture is then transported to the cold press machine.
  4.  The mixture is fed into the press and compressed at a low temperature and pressure to create the desired shape and texture.
  5.  The pressed food is then cut and shaped into kibbles using specialized molds.
  6.  The kibbles are then dried at a low temperature to remove excess moisture and extend their shelf life.
  7.  Once the kibbles are dry, they are cooled and then packaged for distribution.

The Equipment Using In the Low Temperature Baking Dog Food Making Machine

Mixing System–Cold Pressing Forming System–Drying System–Seasoning System–Packaging System

Feature Of Fresh Meat Cold Pressed Pet Food Machine

1 High-quality materials A good cold press pet food machine is made of food-grade materials that are durable and easy to clean.
2  Large capacity The cold pressed pet food machine should have a large capacity hopper for mixing the ingredients and a powerful motor for pressing and shaping the kibbles.
3 Customizable molds The cold pressed dog food machine should come with a variety of molds to create different shapes and sizes of kibbles.Customizable molds make it easy to meet customer demands and create unique products.
4 Low-temperature processing The fresh meat cold pressed dog food machine should be able to handle low-temperature processing to preserve the nutrients and flavor of the fresh ingredients.
5 Easy operation The low temperature baking dog food making machine should be easy to operate, with intuitive controls and simple maintenance requirements.
6 Safety features The pet food machines should have safety features such as automatic shut-off and emergency stop buttons to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

Applications Of Cold Pressed Pet Food Machine

  1. Dry dog food: Cold-pressed pet food machines are commonly used to create dry dog food, which is one of the most popular pet food products. This machine can help to create nutritious and delicious dog food that is easy to store and transport.

  1. Dry cat food: Like dry dog food, Acold-pressed pet food machine can create a cat food with high protein content and low carbohydrates.

  1. Treats: Cold-pressed pet food machine is also used to create a variety of pet treats such as biscuits, compressed bone-shaped treats, and dental chews. This machine can help to create healthy and delicious treats, that your pets will love.

  1. Raw pet food:Fresh meat cold pressed pet food machine can be used to create raw pet food that can be stored in the freezer. This machine can mix the raw ingredients with other necessary supplements in the right proportion, pressing and shaping it into pellets that can be frozen and served later.
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