Cheetos Making Machine


The cheetos making machine is another type of small food production line after the puffed food production line. It uses corn starch and potato starch as the main raw materials and uses the extrusion molding process to achieve the sensory effect of the product shape. The cheetos shape is natural and realistic, and the texture is delicate. The taste is loose, not cracked or scattered. The production line has a good design, strong stability, and a high degree of automation. The host adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology to ensure the stable quality of processed products. It is a combination of traditional technology and modern technology. The products include spirals, potato chips, shrimp cracks, shells, round tubes, Dozens of kinds of snails, circles, waves, foams, etc., are available.

Cheetos Puffs Ingredients
Ordinary puffing snacks
Ingredient Proportion
Rice flour: 50%
Corn flour: 30%
Flour: 20%
French chalk: 0.2%
Water: 2~3%
Candied element: 0.2%(water-solubility)
Jam Center Material ingredients(Chocolate Taste):
chocolate plate : 70%
Cacao grease : 20%
Sugar powder: 1%
Jam Center Material ingredients(Peanut Taste):
Palm oil: 30%
Sugar powder: 30%
Peanut butter: 40%
Features Of Cheetos Making Machine
1 The design is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the operation is effortless.
2 The operation is highly automated. Only one or two people can complete the processing process, saving manpower.
3 Stable performance and reliable quality. It is carefully researched and developed by a professional team to meet the needs of food processing.
4 Low cost, high efficiency, low energy consumption to ensure the whole process from feed to finished product.
5 The machine’s output can be changed by configuring more extruders on one production line to meet higher output requirements.
6 Cheetos making machine are made of stainless steel, and the screws are made of alloy steel, with a modular system structure and self-cleaning function
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