Biotechnology container packaging


Health Products Container
Health Products Container(bottle)
Product Features
Type: Beside American screw cap type, various combinations of caps
Materials:capPP,bottlePP。(HP-38-M1/M2 LDPE).
Color:Ivory .
Application:prescription filling、troches、tablets、powder、capsule,and health products。
Medical Medicine Container
Medical Medicine Container(Eye Drop)
Product Features:
Type:straight type,screw caps style。
Materials:cap PP,bottle HDPE
Color:cap grassgreen,bottle milk white。
Application:prescription filling,troches,tablets,powder,and capsules。

Other Accessories

Product Features:
Type:round plug-in cap。
Materials:bottle PS,cap LDPE
Color: transparent original olor,gold。
Application:eye drops bottle,others。

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