Automatic Plantain Chips Plant


We offer a professional automatic banana/plantain chips production line. Our high efficient banana/plantain chips production line with large output will be the most convenient equipment for the chips processing manufacturers.

  • We have four output capacities for this line: 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h, and 300kg/h.  Processing capacity can be customized.
  • Automatic production, easy to control, and save labor.
  • Consistent operation and production, the quality of finished banana chips are stable, and it is in line with food hygiene.
fully automatic plantain chips plant
  • The ratio of raw material and the finished product is 3.3:1
  •  Frying time is 4-5 minutes

A complete automatic banana/plantain chips production line includes the following processing steps: Banana/plantain peeling(manual or mechanical) → Banana/plantain slicing → Banana/plantain slices frying → Banana/plantain chips de-oiling → Banana/plantain chips seasoning → Damaged banana/plantain chips selecting → Banana/plantain chips packing.

how to manufacture banana chips and plantain chips
green banana peeling machine for banana chips production

1. Banana Peeling Machine(Optional)

  • Our automatic green banana peeling machine saves a lot of human resources and improves work efficiency.
  • This machine has no special requirements on the size of a banana. It suits for peeling plantain and green bananas.
  • Capacity for choice: 150 kg/h, 300 kg/h.
multipurpose banana slicing machine for sale

2. Banana Slicing Machine

It is used for slicing bananas. The banana slicing machine is so flexible that the thickness of the slices can be adjusted at your will.

  • Thickness 1-5mm can be adjustable.
  • Feed inlet diameter 25-150mm can be customized.
banana  chips continuous frying machine

3. Plantain Chips Frying Machine

  • The frying machine adopts oil-water mixing technology, so the sediment can be cleaned easily.
  • Besides, please notice that the frying oil should be pure edible oil and the temperature be180℃.
  • It is characterized by continuous production, energy saving, labor-saving, and more uniform product quality.



linear vibration sieve machine for dewatering and deoiling

4. Vibration Plantain Chips De-oiling Machine

  • This machine uses the principle of vibration to remove part of the oil on the material and has the function of vibration feeding, which can greatly save the time of manual feeding.
  • Reduce the oil content of the fried plantain chips/ banana chips and make them tastier.
  • To convey the plantain chips/banana chips uniformly to the next machine.
banana chips cooling deoiling machine

5. Banana Chips Cooling Deoiling Machine

The air blowing system of this machine can cool the fried banana chips, and further deoil the extra oil at the same time.

automatic banana chips flavoring machine

6. Seasoning Machine

The purpose of this machine is to season the fried banana/plantain chips evenly, which makes them more fantastic tasty.

automatic vertical potato chips packing machine

7. Automatic Chips Packing Machine

This machine is to pack plantain/banana chips in bags, it automatically completes all the processes from feeding, counting, filling and bag making, date printing to finished products output.


★ Besides the main machines of this banana/plantain chips production line, there are also some auxiliary machines to connect the whole process, such as materials elevator, materials conveying belt, etc.


1. Global advanced technology
2. Excellent product quality
3. Better oil management
4. Compact structure and beautiful design
5. Low energy consumption and easy operation
6. Extensive testing by quality control department before shipping
7. Widely used by customers from all over the world
8. Perfect after-sales service
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