2-50BBL Beer Brewing Jacketed Unitank


The stainless steel beer brewing jacketed unitank that we produce are temperature-controlled by an ice water jacket, equipped with pressure relief valves and pressure gauges, CIP cleaning pipes, sanitary sampling valves, manholes, etc. The volume of our high standard fermentation tank can be 2-50BBL.


  • The inner the tank is mirror-polished, no sanitary corners, safe and sanitary.
  • The tank body is equipped with jacket and insulation layer, which can be heated, cooled and insulated.
  • Adopts laser welding technology,improve the cooling efficiency of the jacket.
  • Aseptic systems, extending the life of the product.


Model HG-FJ-5000L
Capacity Useful capacity: 5000L; Gross capacity:6250L
Material SUS304
Application Restaurant, bar, hotel, brewery
Out size Ø2100*4000mm
Cooling method Jacket section cooling
Thickness Inner: 3.0mm; External2.0mm
Outrigger Ø159mm*4个
Test pressure 0.2Mpa
Working pressure 0.09Mpa
Heat exchange area 7.2m2
Weight 1250kg
Weight 1250 kg
Material SUS304
Capacity Useful capacity: 5000L; Gross capacity:6250L
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