11-20BBL Brewhouse


11-20BBL brewhouse is very popular in small and medium-sized breweries.
We provide different types of medium scale breweries to worldwide clients. The brewhouse is made of stainless steel and it’s appearance can also be copper or gold surface. It can be heated by steam, electricity or direct fire. According to wort output, wort concentration, sparging water, brewing in certain time and brewing method, it can be classified as three, four or five vessels. Anyway we should achieve the four steps: mashing, lautering, kettle, whirlpool. We accepts special design for these requirements.


  • With combined raker trough structure and milling sieve plate.
  • With ABB motor agitator and liftable raker.
  • Do acid pickling for tank
  • With a detachable washing ball
  • The electrical control system adopts international famous brands such as Siemens
  • The pipe is sanitary stainless steel pipe, which is easier to clean


Model HG-NZ-2000
Capacity 2500L/Batch
Material SUS304
Combination method Mash tun, Lauter tun, Kettle/whirlpool tank
Application Restaurants, bars, hotels, brewery
Heating way Electric heating/Steam heating/Direct fire heating
Voltage AC380/220V, 50/60HZ
Power Electric heating:144kw, Steam heaing/Direct fire heating 55KW
Water consumption 4m3/T
Diameter 1960mm
Height 3200m
Floor area 60m2
Degree of automation Semi-automatic/Fully automatic
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