NTF Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine


This unit is safe, efficient, accurate and clean. It sells well with its high quality and performance.


  • This unit was designed for layered filling of tablets into a tube and then placing a plastic stopper in the top.
  • Automatic tube feeder.
  • Automatic tablet channel Counting.100% accurate.
  • No tube, no filling; No tablets, no capping.
  • Automatic vibratory bowl for stopper (cap feeding).
  • Automatic cap press sealing.
  • Detection and rejection if less filling.

Technical Parameter

Model NTF
Filling range 10-30pcs/tube as per customer’s requirement
Diameter of tablet 8-30mm
Thickness of Tablet 3-8mm
Length of Tube 80-180mm
Max. Capacity 40Tubes/min depending on the product and tube size
Power supply 1.2kw
Compressive air 0.5~0.6MPA, 0.28CBM/min
Overall size 2300mm*1600mm*1680mm
Weight 450Kgs
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