Industrial Continuous Fryers Green Beans Fryer Oil Filtration System


Continuous belt frying machine is designed for automatic working. Suitable for different foods; High capacity and high quality; Made of SUS304. Frying time and temperature can be adjusted based on request suitable for different foods.

Equipment Parameters Of The Stainless Steel Green Peas Frying Machine For Green Beans
Model Width Of Belt(Mm) Length(Mm) Heating Method Power Capacity
LY-2500 300/400 2500 Electricity/Gas 36kw 100kg/h
LY-3500 400/600/800 3500 Electricity/Gas 48kw 200kg/h
LY-4500 600/800/1000 4500 Electricity/Gas 62kw 300kg/h
LY-5500 600/800/1000 5500 Electricity/Gas 80kw 500kg/h
LY-6500 600/800/1000 6500 Electricity/Gas 94kw 800kg/h
LY-8500 600/800/1000 7500 Electricity/Gas 110kw 1000kg/h
LY-11000 600/800/1000 8500 Electricity/Gas 150kw 2000kg/h


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