Continuous potato blanching machine

Vegetable Blanching Equipment Applications

1. Continuous potato blanching machine is used in the automatic potato chips production line for blanching the potato slices.
2. The blanching machine is also used in the automatic frozen french fries production line and automatic banana chips production line.
3. Potato blanching machine is also suitable for blanching meat, other vegetables and fruits, such as carrot, broad bean, mushroom, strawberry, peach, apple, orange, yam, etc.
4. Vegetable blanching equipment also acts as a cooking line and pasteurization line.

wide application of belt conveyor potato blanching machine for vegetables and meat
Vegetable Blanching Machine Operation
  1. Adjust the conveying speed according to the required blanching time.
  2. Set the blanching temperature on the temperature controller.
  3. Heat the water in the vegetable blanching equipment to the setting temperature.
  4. By the conveyor belt, the potato slices are sent into the blanching machine through the entry end and move through the hot water to be blanched, finally discharged from the exit end.
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