AAG Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine


This machine is a new generation of the ampoule drawing, filling and sealing combined equipment for injections. It adopts the rectangular feeding instead of the traditionak ampoule feeding methods. In such case, the feeding is steady with no easy broken ampoule. A modern clutch is mounted under the ampoule feed hopper. Therefore, the ampoule feeding can be stiooed at ant time while the machine is still running. So the ampoule lost can be reduced. In the part of stopping filling where changes electromagnetic switch into mechanical switch. It is reliable and durable. Bottle revese and bottle arranging structure are used in device of bottle outlet. It reduces the broken rate of the finished products of ampoules tremendously.

Technical Parameter


Model AAG4/1-2 AAG4/5 AAG20
Specification(ml) 1-2 5-10 20
Capacity(pcs/h) 7000-9000 6000-8000 4000
Power(kw) 0.55 0.55 0.55
Fuel Consunmption Gas:2-2.5m³/h LPG:0.08-0.1Mpa Gas:2-2.5m³/h LPG:0.08-0.1Mpa Gas:2-2.5m³/h LPG:0.08-0.1Mpa
Combustion-Supporting Consumption Oxygen:0.7m³/h 0.1Mpa Oxygen:0.7m³/h 0.1Mpa Oxygen:0.7m³/h 0.1Mpa
Outline Dimension(L*W*H) 1650*900*1500 1650*900*1500 1650*900*1500
Machine Weight(kg) 400 400 400
Power Supply 380V-50Hz 380V-50Hz 380V-50Hz


Model AAG6/1-2 AAG6/5-20
Specification(ml) 1-2 5-20
Capacity(pcs/h) 9000-12000 8000-8800
Power(kw) 0.55 0.55
Fuel Consunmption Gas:3-4m³/h LPG:0.08-0.1m³/h 0.7Mpa Gas:3-4m³/h LPG:0.08-0.1m³/h 0.7Mpa
Combustion-Supporting Consumption Oxygen:1m³/h 0.1Mpa Oxygen:1m³/h 0.1Mpa
Outline Dimension(L*W*H) 1850*900*1500 1850*900*1500
Machine Weight(kg) 450 450
Power Supply 380V-50Hz 380V-50Hz
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